Do I Really Need Newborn Photos?

One thing I hear a lot is "We decided to get photos done when the baby is a bit older and has more personality." While I love milestone sessions, and I definitely recommend having them done professionally, please don't skip over the newborn stage! 

I also hear that while some parents love the idea of having photos done, they simply forget about booking a session after bringing the baby home. Many parents don't realize that there is a small window of time in which to do these images (before 2 weeks of age is always best). With all the adjustments of welcoming a new family member, sleepless nights, and anxiety of being a new parent, it sometimes gets put on the back burner. This is why its crucial to prebook your newborn session. We will go ahead and get all the planning out of the way and have everything ready to go so that when your newborn arrives it's just a simple message to let me know they're here! I will work with you to chose a day that suits you within those first two weeks to come in and do your session. I try to minimize the stress on parents and love for you to come in and relax! I often tell parents "Feel free to have a seat, I've got it from here."  Take a nap, get your facebook on, or simply hang back and watch me work! 

If a couple hours of relaxation isn't enough to sell you on a session I've made a short list of a few other reasons why you should choose newborn photography! 

Your little one will be a newborn for the shortest time out of all the age groups in their life.  They change so quickly, and grow so fast. You will want to have photos to look back on of all those wrinkles, tiny toes, and yes even their cord that tied them to their lifeline: you!

Another thing that makes newborn photography so special is how deeply newborns sleep and how easily they will mold and pose. In fact, it will often seem that those first couple weeks all your baby does is sleep and eat! It’s that deep sleep that allows me to position baby into those cute poses where they won’t budge or fuss. Newborns happily curl into balls and love poses that mimic how they were in mom's womb. The older they are the more awake and aware they become and the more they find their limbs and enjoy being stretched out. It's so amazing to look back and see just how tiny and curly they were! 

Another reason to have your photos professionally documented is that we are so tied to technology. There’s no denying that technology is an incredible thing, and don't get me wrong it's wonderful to be able to document all the special things your baby does at home! However, when you want to recall the most precious moments in your life (and that of your baby’s), scrolling through your phone’s photo album just doesn’t cut it. If we're being totally honest, within that first year, you’re going to take SO many photos that most of them won’t ever make it off your phone. If they do, it’s usually just uploaded to your Facebook profile. A professional newborn session gives you the opportunity to soak in those precious moments not through a screen, but on the walls of your home, in the frames sitting on your desk or office shelves, and on the fridges of your loved ones when they get your baby’s gorgeous birth announcement. 

The most important reason why you should chose newborn photography is because YOU deserve it! Pregnancy is an amazing thing, and while you are beautiful inside and out, some of the moments tend not to be! Chances are you've spent 9 months being tired, achy, and sick. You are about to go on and spend another few months exhausted, anxious about new motherhood, and trying to lose those pregnancy curves.  Anyone who’s gone through it will tell you; birth can be a total blur. Chances are the most crystal clear moment was when they first laid that beautiful bundle of joy in your arms. You did it! You grew that precious, tiny, baby that's looking up at you! When you're tired and defeated and sitting there on that couch ,these photos will serve as a reminder that YOU created this perfect little human who, for a brief little while's, whole world revolves around you. 

The final but most often reason I hear that people decide to pass over newborn photos is budget. If you notice the tab my packages are listed under on my page is listed as investment NOT pricing. Thats because that is what I consider these images, an investment in your memories. Although cost is a factor and rightfully so, try not to make it the only factor.  These photographs will be in your family for generations. Newborns only look this way for such a little while and you cannot get these moments back. They are new, fragile, and priceless. Please choose a professional and experienced newborn photographer that will not only provide you with stunning images but one that put’s your little one’s safety above all else. I offer military discounts, payment plans, and gift certificates so that even my largest packages are attainable for all my clients.  

So get on your phone and send your favorite newborn photographer a message, if you're in Augusta, Georgia hopefully that's me! Start planning that special session right now! 

Julie Worthy